Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Stash - piles & piles

Now I realise that's not the best title for a post when you are 27 weeks pregnant but today I've been struck by the little piles all around our house at the moment, it's not all fabric or crafting things, there is lots of seasonal fruit that needs to be dealt with. I'll start with the crafty piles...

Who would have thought more buttons would be required in this house, but after winning this tin full of vintage buttons at the auctions recently I've had a nice time with Max starting to sort them into colours......

Some of the larger buttons are beautiful & I'm dreaming up lovely little winter coats ...

The fabric pile is slowly shrinking as I start to wash & sort it out......

I picked most of the apples from our tree yesterday, I'm not sure what sort they are as it was supposed to be a winter cole pear! They are probably a Granny Smith..........

And make nice pies (well a cheating sort of pie that helps use up the stewed plums in the fridge)

The tomatoes have been dismal this year, except for these....Siberian Cherry Tomatoes from the diggers club (I bought them as seedlings in Big W of all places). They are the only ones ripening up well and are probably destined for pasta sauce.

The year is getting away, quinces are already ripe! We picked this box up from a friend yesterday & are thinking of what we are going to do with them....

Tim started on the first stage (of the first batch) of quince paste last night, this will "soon" (after MUCH stirring) be a deliciously dark red paste.....the magic of quinces. That's 8 quinces down.....about 40 more to go, I predict the Fowlers kit will be back in action this week.

And the neighbours tree is dripping pears so at some stage we will have to gather some of those as well before the birds eat them all!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Creative Space

The grant application is in (HOORAY) so this afternoon I'm sorting through 2 big boxes of fabric that made there way to my house via a chance meeting at the Mothers Market. These fabrics were previously part of someone else's stash and unfortunately they can't sew anymore so they have come to live with I need to find a space for them.........Tim is of course thrilled!

There are lots of plain cottons which are always good to have at hand, loads of old LOUD curtains and my favourite would have to be some of the barkcloth, especially this one which was apparently to commemorate the Apollo landing.

And here is Max's creative space, otherwise known as his 'office' or 'work' where he is 'very busy' writing, and always needs an apple (the request for his bike helmet has been denied....his Dad rides to work each day so I'm guessing he imagines Tim wearing his helmet all day at work)

Thanks for Kirsty for hosting 'My creative space', check out more spaces over here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And another week goes by!

Since my last post preparations for the Mothers Market took up most of my spare time & evenings. As it was my first time at the MM I was not quite sure what to expect so made a range of things to take along & see how they went......the dining table saw more cutting & fiddling than it did well-thought out meals (lucky my kids seem to prefer freshly cooked pasta with some ricotta, tinned tuna & frozen peas mixed through!)

The market was lovely & it was so nice to see everyone elses stalls & amazing products. It was great to meet fellow blogger Michelle and I ate way too many cupcakes (is that even possible?) It was great to be able to chat with the people who wandered through & I got to catch up with lots of folk I had not seen in a while. Here are a few photos of my stall......still relying on Tim's trusty mobile camera!

Max spent the entire weekend in his new bat cape which was a good thing considering the amount of fresh raspberries he ate at the little birthday party we had for him on Sunday (the cape also works pretty well as a bib - especially for BIG BOY 3 year olds who are far too old to wear actual bibs!)

Now I'm in a flap trying to finish writing a funding grant for the Centre we attend for playgroup!

Friday, March 13, 2009

To market, to market....

I'm really not sure where last week went!

My camera is dead & is sorely missed....not sure yet if it can be mended.

I've been busy with the usual stuff plus I found out I did get a stall at the Mothers Market so I've been extra busy getting ready for that........

Not that my stall will look like the picture above but I found a pile of old school reader books at the op shop & the illustrations are super.

Which creative space this week....... it is probably a good thing the camera is kaput! I'm using the spare room, the dining table, our room & various other once cleared spaces! If you look at last weeks creative space (my last post!) & imagine the sewing table piled HIGH with sewing in various states of will have a vague idea!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My creative space - gifts & more stamps

Everything has been a bit all over the place lately, as opposed to normal when everything is well-sorted, orderly, sparkling clean & devoid of brown apple cores. My sewing 'table' has been moved into our bedroom as we have a few guests staying over the coming weeks.

On the go at the moment are: finishing some orders, a little pink pile to be made into winter PJ's before the party on Saturday, some lovely wool felt to finally make a play crown for Adelaide, some echino fabric for the pants I'm making to add to my shop some time soon (they were going to be for the Hobart Mothers Market but as I've heard nothing back, I'm assuming I didn't get a stall).

I did more fiddling with stamps & bought one of those dinky DIY self-inking stamps...that blue thing in the photo below:

I like the way it looks & it works well for the back of the tags I've been making.

You can find more creative spaces over here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Summer in a jar

So with today all overcast & cool I was drawn to these photos while sorting pictures on my laptop (trying to give it some kind of order!). They remind me that we managed to capture just a little bit of summer to see us through the chilly months ahead.

So along with the fruit I mentioned back in January we collected more or were given more;

Yummy apricots. Although I was away for the crucial picking time so we did not get as many bottled apricots this year. Most were too ripe for bottling when we got back so were used up in jams & chutneys

We harvested our first batch of 'Santa Rosa' plums, enough for a small batch of jam (& much feasting of plums!). These were boiled up whole, cooled, squashed through a large colander to remove the seeds, boiled again with sugar, bottled &labelled with the kids in charge of the label production.

some help from the local child labour;

Other plums were delivered to our door, a blundstones box of great tangy jam plums:

More cumquat marmalade...some from our tree & the rest from our source (the nest was still there!)

And then there was the damson plums sourced from a neighbour, the best plums for jam making...only a little batch....not to be given shelf jam.....a reminder of helpful friends who will risk life & limb to bag some of these divine plums (I held the ladder).

Now my camera has died but the production line continues with jars of kasundi & onion marmalade making their way downstairs to our 'larder'.

Monday, March 2, 2009

These days

I read this post a couple of months ago and I have read it many times since.

Kate's words have captured some of my feelings about life since I began this whole other world that is mothering. As Max approaches his third birthday and with the knowledge that soon I'll be mother to three children I take solace in knowing I'm not the only person who has these feelings.

And now (while Max 'dries' my hair with his Mobilo hairdryer) it is time to resurface, go and wake Adelaide, have lunch together, clear the lounge room floor so the expected student doctors can make their way to the lounge & find the child health records to visit the child health clinic this afternoon. On second thoughts the student doctors are coming to learn about children & families so I'll leave that Mobilo all over the floor & they can fight there way through like I do.


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