Monday, June 29, 2009

Quilt your house...........

..........and other things to do while waiting to meet your baby

According to a scan done months ago I'm due to have a baby on Thursday. I've penciled it in my diary but after being induced twice already I'm not so sure this is the week. It is perhaps time to start the acupuncture, bumpy rides (my sister suggested sitting on the washing machine!), long walks, etc...

Since my parents arrived the jobs on our list are being rapidly crossed off. We have had a busy couple of weeks -

The insulation for our ceiling arrived.....the rain delayed the installation so we had a well insulated deck for a while. Wrapped tightly in these bundles are batts of polyester insulation very much resembling quilt batting (very THICK quilt batting)

Finally the skies cleared and the quilting began....

It has made a big difference to our house, in terms of the amount of time we need the heater going, so check out if you are eligible for the Government rebate. Note: Polyester insulation will cost you more than fiberglass insulation so the rebate may not cover the full amount. Even if you are not eligible for the rebate this insulation is a great idea.

Thanks to my Dad the castors have been replaced on the beds in Max & Addie's room, saving the floorboards and making the beds easier to make - yes Tim that is a joke!

3. The mending pile is slowly shrinking

4. The lawn has been mowed, ready now for more regular trims with the flymo.

5. The hedge has been trimmed. This is by far the straightest our hedge has ever looked! I'm no fan of this hedge but I must admit it has not been as hard to manage as I thought it would be when we bought the place. Max also found a bird's nest in it so we look forward to seeing who the owner is if they return in spring.

Max, the ever willing worker suited up in the most useful piece of clothing we have for this time of the year (and yes I know they only go up to a size 18months.....lets just say they stretch!)

6. The rats have been evicted from under the wood pile down the back of our photo for this job, just many thanks to my Mum for cleaning it all out!

7. I managed to re-acquaint myself with the gocco & get some printing done for a swap I signed up for ages ago (when June seemed SOOOO far away!) I'll be posting them tomorrow....only 10 days late!

8. The ceiling hooks have been repositioned & the hammock hung, so really there is no reason for this baby to not want to come out!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

creative space - the closest I'll be getting to a cocktail in quite some time

Has it really been 2 weeks since I posted? I've not been busy having a baby, perhaps just trying to get my mind ready for a little babe.

Whatever it was I have been doing, it has not been overly creative. I didn't really go into super-cleaning mode for my first 2 children so I'm not holding out a lot of hope this time around. I tend to get preoccupied with creating more storage space, or some minor renovating projects. Thankfully my mum arrived about a week ago so there is a reasonable amount of cleaning going on (you should see how clean my windows are now!)

I've been working on setting up a better computer space/desk. While I do have a laptop it's not really portable as the battery has never worked in it since we were given it. As I'm planning to be living vicariously through others creative endeavours for a while, I wanted somewhere a bit less squished-on-the sideboard and more this-is-where-the-computer-lives.

So this was my other auction purchase from 2 weeks ago (conveniently mentioned in the last post)....a cocktail cabinet.

Once we got it home, I removed the shelves & took to it with the hole-saw drill allow all the cables that drive me crazy & tangle around each other endlessly to be hidden in the belly of cabinet. As luck would have it the printer fits in the lower cabinet.

And the laptop fits perfectly in the cocktail section, I can even pop it back in while still on & close it up to avoid the kids launching weird programs I've never heard of!

Given the only space for this was in our room, I wanted it to be easily closed up when not in use.

The only give away is the various computer cables & paraphernalia that have taken over my never-worn-dressing-gown hook.

For real creative spaces, click over to Kirsty.

Friday, June 12, 2009

More Friday finds

Today I found 2 things I've been on the look out for.....both from the same place.

Only one of them could be man-handled by me into the car.

Cost $20

Despite all the rain we've been getting, I just had to see if it would work

There was much excitement among the small people, one with a rake, one with a wheelbarrow

In all the "excitement" I forgot I was wearing suede boots

The other Friday find will have to be collected on Monday.

Sometimes it really does feel that if I wait long enough I eventually find what I 'need' second-hand. It is a good feeling.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Creative Space - winter woolies for those who can't knit

Firstly thanks to everyone for their comments from my last creative space post....the PJ's have been getting a real work out since the rain & cold settled over us this past week (plus snow on the mountain...yipppee!). I must also be a better photographer than I thought as I DO look pregnant from all angles at the moment! I'm chuffed that someone else would be inspired to make some PJ's as well, and come up with a lovely name for their very cute pajama pants!

So this week I've taken my cues from the snowy Mt. Wellington & I've been rummaging through my stash & pulling out all the lovely woolie jumpers I have collected or been given to start cutting up to make my version of hand-knitted baby goodies!

This was a rather dated jumper that was knitted for Tim's sister (in the 80's perhaps). I think she said it was from a Kaffe Fasset pattern, either way the yarn is a lovely thick wool & there is a lot of work in this pattern cross pattern. Note: Bump keeps popping up in photos!

So I unpicked the sleeves and sewed them together like so.....the stitching is a bit difficult to make out but it is there. The 2nd sleeve is inside this one to make it easier to sew the crotch. I use a smaller stitch length and sew the crotch seam twice to make sure it will hold all the yarn together.

I then checked & it looked OK when turned out so I crossed my fingers & overlocked off the excess...this picture gives a better idea of the crotch stitching, with less taken out of the back to ensure nappied bottoms fit well.

Turned out this is how they now look:

Not sure if I'll put a band around the waist or just run a few lines of hat elastic around the top to elasticize the waist. Either way I now have a pair of 'hand-knitted' yummy-wool longies for babe 3 to come on snowy adventures with us up 'the mountain'. I've got a couple more pairs of these on the go at the moment for friends who are having a babe later in the year and then moving to Halifax, Canada (freezing!!)

I've also been sewing from the woven woolen I collected ages ago.

These are some wide leg pants for Max which need the waistband unpicked and re-done so they are not so bouffant!

And this completed (Finally I manage to show a finished item!) woolen skirt made for a friends daughter (also from the collection).

More Creative Spaces to sneek a peek at over here.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Finds

These aren't things I found today but have been gathered on recent op shop outings with the kids - a great winter sport with children on rainy days....lots of different toys to play with, books to read and something for me to do at the same time! Plus if they break anything it costs me very little! This little clothes line has brought much pleasure and the kids are now in charge of hanging their own undies & socks on the line. Apparently it's also good for drying trucks.

flannel sheet...this one to be used on a novel!

Some more fabric to add to the stash!

And how could I go past this kitchen magician or food glamorizer!

It does amazing things according to the instructions, it even peels potatoes!

Look out future dinner guests, your meal is about to be glamourized!

If you're in Hobart & need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE this rainy weekend here are a couple of options for you.....The Beach Market on Saturday (crazy last minute preparations going on here) and The Market on Sunday (be sure to check out this talented lady).

Right I'm off on a last minute dash into Spotlight to get all those bits & bobs I need to finishstuff for the market (did I mention how organised I am?) We are now into full winter dressing....must dash!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Creative Space - pajama-rama

With this sort of fog greeting us in the mornings lately, and given our propensity to stay in our pajamas until said fog lifts I decided to expand the PJ wardrobe. Given the success of this previous pajama sewing effort (made from thrifted flannelette sheets).....

.....and the fact I found a pair of these at the op shop last week

I decided to make some matching PJ's for Adelaide & I (and of course some for the new baby doll, she is nearly done....just can't decide on what to do for the face!). Here is Adelaide's doll sporting the new dress also picked up from the op shop last week.

One very pleased little chickadee, asking for some same jammies for "Macky" & "daddy"

Mine are also done, except for the waistband.....

...for obvious reasons!The rest of the house is covered in offcuts, pattern pieces & fabric as I finish off sewing for my last market before maternity leave (my little joke!). I'm hoping the weather will improve a bit for The Beach Market this weekend so people will be inclined to head out (rather than stay at home in their pajamas like I would on a winters morning). My favourite dress made for this market is this one, which I'm kind of hoping will not sell so that Addie can grow into it....made from a vintage (i.e. op-shopped!) tablecloth.

P.S. no hearts hidden around here, be sure to check out other creative spaces this week over here with the talented Kootoyoo.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Goodbye, Hello......

Goodbye big nappies, hello baby nappies!

This week Max decided he does NOT wear nappies at night anymore as he is a BIG boy! I'd been meaning to get him out of night nappies for a while now (he often wakes dry anyway) but had not quite pushed myself to do the mental preparation, you know, have another bed made up in case of an accident, accept that there will be more washing/making of beds when said accidents eventuate, etc. We are up to night 3 of no nappy-no wetting........very happy Max, very happy mama (and dad)!

My plan was to also to try have Adelaide toilet trained by the time baby 3 arrives. This was a fairly optimistic plan and while she is using the toilet more & more I don't imagine she'll be out of nappies in 5 weeks! At least I have avoided the following:

P.S. This is not a plug for eenee nappies as in reality I use a bunch of different cloth nappy styles as well as the occasional disposable!


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