Monday, December 6, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Creative Space - lavender

I'm going into market preparation mode, trying to finish at least one thing each day night. It helps that I have several things not far from completion (elastics to thread, buttonholes to clip, buttons to stitch) blah, blah, blah. Last night I finished of a few lavender filled sachets (one of the best-scented jobs on my list). For entertainment I have Leo on guitar & Adelaide at the table dictating and writing postcards to the neighbouring children (all manner of stories that keep me amused as I listen in on the continual commentary).

And just in case you thought this was a veggie-free post
no such luck

for the final creative space for 2010 head over here

Thursday, November 25, 2010

National broadbean rollout & other garden news

Growing & eating fresh & seasonal is often made out to be more glamorous than it actually is. At our place what it usually means is major gluts of various produce. The last couple of weeks I've been harvesting spinach. This is how the early harvests looked, manageable & reasonably pleasant on the eye...

In reality with the amount of spinach in the garden (going to seed), there were a few nights spent washing & cooking copious green leafy bunches, with dirt clumps spilling all over the kitchen
(see that exclusive black silicone strip under the taps...definitely not mould!)

Like most work it was worth it in the end..

This week it is all broad beans, broad beans, broad beans

with a few compost bag mushrooms thrown in for good measure
(Tricia has better instructions than I'll ever get around to writing)

When invited out for another broad bean rummage & harvest, Max informed me that Julia Gillard is also having a broad bean roll out, he heard it on the radio! There are lots of great broad bean recipes out there, but for the most part ours are eaten freshly double shelled, or raw.

so there are no worries in regard to us getting our greens currently, silverbeet anyone?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the after effects of camping

We went camping on the weekend, long gone are the days of light weight hiking!

This morning I put the last few bits of cleaned gear away downstairs
(to stop the kids thinking/asking if we were going camping again)

The camping trip was great
ignoring the bit where I tried to put Leo to bed at his normal sleep time,
next time he can play around in the dirt a bit longer until it is dark!

The main problem was that it was only for 2 days (which requires the same amount of gear as a 2 week trip!) The other problem was that while I tried to pack everything away the kids trashed the rest of the house, the ants started attacking the silkworms & no-one planted my long suffering tomato seedlings!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living in Hobart

Today was a gorgeous Hobart sunny day.

The kids declared it hot enough to fill up the splash pool.

The swimmers are still out on the line.

and yet

yesterday was cold, wet and grey.

To wear the kids out & give them their dose of outside play ,

I dug out the winter suits (packed away LAST week)

and they all put on gumboots to go splashing in puddles/mud/unidentified squishy bits.

The suits are also still hanging on the line drying.
(although after today they would be dry, and yet they are still there)

you never know what you will get
(particularly if you never look at the weather forecasts)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space - letter storage

Having all our family living interstate the smalls are amassing a collection of letters, these are currently stuffed into various shelves, bags or pockets. In an effort to keep them all together I'm making up some simple letter storage bags.

I've already made a few of these for an upcoming market so it is nice to be doing some sewing for the restless natives.

I've also been sewing up some cushion covers, so nice & quick after sewing girls dresses for weeks now. These are also for my next market in December but I'll be happy if they don't sell as then I won't have to make any more for our place! The print is from the very talented Kristen Doran and I've had lots of practice using invisible zips now....time for a summer skirt I think.

More creative spaces over this way.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A taste of summer

Don't all rush to the pool, we enjoy having it all to ourselves!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Creative Space - orders and disorder

The house is eerily quiet this morning with only Leo & I here. Adelaide is having a trial day at our local pre-kinder (with Max to show her the ropes) after many moons of requests (basically ever since her backpack was finished!)

So I'm taking the time to finish off a few orders (ignoring the disorder around me that needs some attention later today), cut out some more and have a cup of hot tea while trying my hardest to not hover over Leo who is practising climbing onto the lounge, teetering on the edge while raising his arms in the air triumphantly declaring a DAA-DAH (my cue to turn, look & encourage him to climb down.....backwards!)

More daa-dah's over at Kootoyoo.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

edible weeds

Chives have self-seeded everywhere in the garden, every crack in the path has chives sprouting from within. I can't quite bring myself to pull them out, so I find myself doing a crazy dance-walk trying to make my way between the garden beds.

I let the larger smalls loose with a bucket, a pair of scissors each & simple instructions on how to harvest the flowers to trial cooking them on the BBQ. We have used these flower buds with much success in stir fries and lightly fried with scrambled eggs.

They may not look like much (like much of my cooking unfortunately) but with a splash of tamari before you take them of the BBQ they are delicious, especially with some fresh local calamari, sunshine & Tim home early from work.

Some times not having enough gardening hours in the day pays off in unexpected ways
(some times!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snippets from the weekend

I often wish I had a bit more time/energy to write more but the truth be told I don't. And some things are easier to convey in pictures anyway (especially for my distance relatives who only keep checking back to see pictures of the kids anyway!)

Finally the summery weather is here, making me want to spend everyday in the garden. The weeding & planting has started here, along with eating our meals outside & staying up well past our bedtimes because it is still light.

Last weekend we tackled many of those projects that have been in my back of my mind, just waiting for the days to get longer, the nights to be less disturbed & the right bits & bobs to be found at the tip shop.

So here it is, a late spring weekend in the burbs...

Co-joined bread, one from me, a little one created (& eaten) by Addie

mobilo swords

beetroot harvesting

broad bean snacking

outside, outside, outside play

a building project for Max and I (& his new tools)

to create a climbing frame for this years beans

a fishing game project for Max and Tim to make

some quick fish made using a washer & some old soy sauce fish
(have I mentioned I never throw anything away?)

and a bit of mango cutting & freezing for future summer smoothies
(with willing mango seed cleaners)

Looking forward to the summer to come

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Creative Space -

My overlocker(serger)-catcher-thingy overfloweth....

The space next to my sewing machine now looks nothing like this mornings photo.
It's now piled high with half finished projects.
This is the normal state of that little space between the laptop & the sewing machine.

Despite my best efforts everyone in the house is getting about with little bits of thread hanging off them, there seems to be an explosion of fabric all over the sewing room floor house and many an evening is spent cutting out on the dining room table.

It's all in preparation for the next market I'm doing here in December.
I'm trying to have half the things I make for boys who seem to always miss out.

Of course most of the stuff is pretty unisex, like this little leopard shirt

but there has been a bit of stuff just for girls (using up some vintage covered buttons & the always beautiful to work with wool felt from here)

Plenty of distractions for me over here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rainy day baking month goes by quickly in these parts as the Spring weather ramps up. There has been more time out & about

:: in the garden (oh the weeds!),
:: at parks (chasing the now walking one year old),
:: visiting friends & general Spring frolicking
:: I've started back at some local markets, the last one here (such great marketing!)
:: Max started riding his pedal bike (with so many a near misses & belly laughs)
:: My folks have been & gone (taking the smalls swimming each day, giving me many a sleep-in & child-free hours)

Of course the weather has been up & down, one day it's all summery , the next the heating is on all day! We did a bit of rainy day baking before our sunny, sunny day yesterday. We are now back to drizzle & grey, perfect for munching through the rainy day gingerbread.

My two helpers (Leo often accessorises in his apron, which works much better than a bib)

The tools (cloud cutter from here)

Arrangement directed by Adelaide

Rainy day eating at it's best

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Op shop goodness

There are some who may suggest that we already have enough

:: sewing machines in our house

:: bikes in our shed

:: vintage sheets in our linen cupboard

:: and suitcases for storing various collections

They would of course be wrong

All of this goodness for $35.

The sewing machine is off to see Bill the retired sewing machine repairman/enthusiast for a service & general look over. The pedal bike is for a 'Dad & son' bike maintenance project and then a summer of bike riding/crashes/near misses & pedal brake skids. The sheets will probably be chopped up for sewing PJ's. The suitcase will be used to store all the random clothing I've been collecting for refashioning projects, like that stripey knit sitting on top of the suitcase.

And the reinforcements arrive tonight in the form of my parents so I have a to do list as long as my arm(s) of projects I want to try & get done [sans little people]

I hope they bring a little spring weather with them!


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