Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday op shop gold [of the Richard Scarry variety]

There is a whole lot of Richard Scarry love in our house.

Max can spend oh-so-long (in boy-child terms) looking through a Richard Scarry book....they are big, they are detailed & they have all the things he loves in them. In return I get an oh-so-long (in I'm-going-batty-looking-after-these-kids terms) break.

So I was pretty excited to find these poking out of the local op shop bookshelf, the spines looking dull and rather faded.....

Three Richard Scarry tomes.....

They are older than the other Scarry books we own and the illustrations while still very Scarry-esque are slightly softer & simpler and there are even some people, here's a few of my favourite pages

& some of Max's favourite sections.....

Finding these reminded me I need to finish mending this giant pop-up book, found an age ago at the very same op shop.....

Now to go & sweep up those crumbs (in the photo above) spilling out of Max's bag, which surely hasn't been on the floor since he got home from 'school' yesterday?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Swap goodness

When Kate proposed a pin cushion swap I jumped on board, full of enthusiasm to get this swap sent off on-time, thoughtfully wrapped & did I mention on-time.

After a few false starts I just had to put it aside.

Then one day a package arrived on the doorstep.

It contained a perfect little pincushion. It is perfectly balanced, hand sewn with beautiful wool felt, and it fits perfectly on the wee little space next to my overlocker (serger).

But that's not all...there was also this....

I was stunned. Here was someone who made beautiful gifts AND sent them early!

I'm was in awe. Kristi creates so many gorgeous things that you should pop over & explore.

I was totally in a flap after that & everything I started making was cast aside while I looked hopefully to my new strawberry pincushion for inspiration. Finally on the evening I was supposed to have sent my pincushion I got it finished!

Apologies to Cathie for my rather late pincushion arrival And thanks to Kate for organising it all.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Creative Space - A crown

In a rash of felt sewing I finally pulled out this crown started quite.some.time.ago for Adelaide

Then I realised the felt matched my new swap pincushion (this needs it's own post)

Just a few more ends to tie off & it will be done.......a simple project that I know will be well worn like the one made for her brother.

Made using beautiful 100% wool felt, locally available from here.

I'm on a roll after finishing these crowns yesterday for one of Max's friends who came over to play (a very belated birthday gift). She was much more impressed with Bunny's crown than her own.

More creative folk over yonder

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back in the saddle (sort of)

If I had an ounce more energy I could (possibly) write a better post-holiday-post but I really DON'T HAVE ANY EXTRA ENERGY.

Our time away was great.......mostly just getting to share the kid-wrangling duties and being away from home, where there are always a million things that need doing.

We stayed at a shack not far from the beach.....

a shack with a candelabra that was the source of much excitement

& 6 steamer pots (but only 2 saucepans?) that were perfect for band practice
(especially with the record collection on hand)

we made walnut boats

and abandoned them to the elements....

we visited old convict ruins where Max acted the tour guide, showing me the really dark bedrooms (isolation cells that are really freaky to stand in even for a minute)

went to the wasn't really that cold, she does love that suit though

tried fishing (without the fish part)

we climbed giant sand dunes

looked out

& then slid down them

or overjoyed with the whole sand experience, dived in face first!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Autumn 2010

Suddenly it feels like Autumn......

From the top:

A delivery from the neighbours......quinces & pears (plus some quince jelly)

Locally grown chestnuts & hazelnuts

Some crabapples collected on a recent walk to the park

Newly discovered HOLES in one of my favourite woolens!

We're off for a for a trip down the peninsula (is there anything not in Wikipedia?) for the week. I've packed such an eclectic mix, because who knows what the weather will be is Tasmania after all. I'm looking forward to some reading, exploring, walking, hanging out and eating freshly caught abalone & calamari. I've also packed a few sewing patterns & fabric as I'd like to get some cutting out done (I try to think optimistically). Max is excited about going fishing & wants to catch a shark.....with Tim diving for abalone I prefer not to even THINK of sharks!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Garlic planting

We try to avoid the rampant consumer aspects of modern holidays/celebrations, like Easter. I know that small folk get excited about chocolate Easter eggs, but really my lot get excited about going for a ride on their bikes or having their Dad home for 4 whole days so I see little point in buying into the Easter shopping-frenzy. Of course it is hard to avoid in many ways as society is so geared up for the consumer aspects of Easter (& Christmas) that it is always seems to be the main focus........."how many Easter eggs did you get?"......... "what did Santa bring you?"

I'm not totally bah-humbug about presents and Easter eggs I just feel a bit sickened by the "WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME, ME, ME??" attitude that children can develop from the focus always being on the things they receive. I know as they grow older the focus on 'the gifts' intensifies but I'm hoping that by not nurturing a focus on 'things I get' early on it may carry through for many years to come (I know I'll probably look back and laugh at that in years to come.....but I really hope not!)

So the only chocolate eggs this Easter were the 4 baby choc eggs Max brought home from 'preschool'. Cheap nasty things that were shared around and eaten with minimal fanfare. We painted some eggs and dyed a few more but even most of the Easter craft activities seem to be very spring orientated (which would be fine if we lived in the Northern hemispere). So in a quest to find an activity to include in 'our Easter celebrations' that was relevant to where we live and how we live I started planting the garlic.

Garlic planting is perfect for willing little helpers as the cloves are easily handled and there is little to go wrong. I lay the cloves out where I would approximately like them to be buried and the smalls follow behind to bury them where they would approximately like them to be buried.

And of course there was the much anticipated Gruffalo viewing which was greeted with wide-eyed wonder and an overflowing bowl of fresh popcorn......perfect....if only I had thought to get a blank video........if they still make them?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gruffalo fever

3 more sleeps

there is much excitement in the house

many letters have been addressed to the "deep dark wood"

and the dress-ups........there have been mighty fine dress-ups!


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