Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A rainbow birthday
Or so it seems when I look back through the photos
There was the requested rainbow bunting

the offcuts

the ever popular backpack

and the birthday girl herself (this is about where the rainbow theme peters out)

A leisurely birthday party with friends and family. I like to set the bar low for kids birthday parties....no party games (when they are this young anyway), no presents, no party bags, minimal fuss. I figure getting the house clean for a party & baking a cake is work enough. This year we suggested if friends really wanted to bring something they could rummage through their wardrobes and bring something to add to the dress-up box.

She has been a dress-upperer for a long time now...

For our girl who loves to play dress ups we now have lots of new lovelies to play with.

That said Addie & I came down with a gastro bug after the party so we have all been in our pajamas for a couple of days now. I'll spare you the details but thankfully it was only short-lived.

And being three means first haircuts (at the hairdressers thank you very much)

A big girl now


Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Creative space - getting ready for spring

As soon as I started on some new Spring pajamas the weather turned cold & Wintery.

So in a bid to get back to some Spring weather I finished off these PJ pants

made of super soft vintage cotton sheets, some of my favourite patterns

And pulled out this sheet & blanket to cut out a Leonie inspired winter skirt
(not sure when I will quite get around to doing this)

And further Spring sorting, cleaning & storing. Here all the vintage sheets together at last.

One small pile sorted, a zillion more to go....

More creative spaces over yonder

Monday, August 23, 2010

Taking my time

I finished this little backpack for Adelaide last week. I think I cut it out nearly a year ago (a little after I finished Max's version). It has been floating around the house on various to-do piles with the occasional bit of work done here & there. I'm not sure why some projects just seem to drag on while others are started & finished within the week. Adelaide however decided that it needed to be finished by the time she was three, which suddenly is just around the corner!!

Then finally the stars aligned (plus she started to wax lyrical over the plastic 'my little pony' backpack in the local op shop, the one that stayed there a very long time) and so I got it done. She loves it. Loves it.

After several days of wearing it everywhere she said 'I really love my backpack, but it did take a really long time to make'. I started to feel guilty & wonder why it had taken so very long. I changed tack & decided it was really just SLOW sewing, similar to Slow cooking but without something good to eat at the end. So I explained that it does take a long time to make things (a year may be a tad longer than most) and that all those backpacks in the shops were made by someone & that despite how impossibly cheap they are they took a long time to make as well. She seemed to get it & is asking how long every little thing took to make.

I guess I should really get a push along & finish off that baby-doll (another project started long ago). I tried a couple of felt facial features (based on the original pattern) but none seemed to work. I think it's the hair so I'll try a different hair style & then go for a simpler face. Perhaps soon, perhaps in 12months time?

In the mean time these peg people (cunningly crafted in less than a minute) have been keeping the smalls busy. Dressing them up & building homes for them. Thank goodness for wooden pegs, scraps of cloth, playdough & cardboard boxes!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The final days of winter 2010

I was starting to think we had missed our mountain visit this winter with minimal snow falls this year. Not that I have any complaints about the mild winter we have had (except the obvious worries about what these strange climate events mean long term). So when the mountain was snow-capped earlier this week we emptied the excursion basket of beach things & filled it with snow paraphernalia & headed up for an afternoon on the Mountain.

There was still enough snow around for some play

My legs are still feeling the effects of clambering over boulders with an extra 12 kilos
on my back and a bucket of snow to take home

We built the obligatory snowman

And brought home enough snow to build another one for our place

It's all seems a bit familiar, a winter tradition I'm looking forward to for years to come.

After a busy week I wasn't up for another excursion yesterday to see the Southern Right Whale born in the Derwent River so we have spent the morning watching it on the computer & feeling glad we live in Hobart with access to so many adventures.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Belated birthday gift

Finally in the post

for a super spunky niece who turned.....

not sooooooooo long ago!

The fabric selected by Max in celebration of the bus rides from your last visit.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A week - random order

Sometimes a weeks worth of photos seems much more 'romantic' than the reality but never the less it feels good to occasionally look back over the week & realise in amongst the feelings of never getting anything done, that in fact there are so many things that fill up our days. Some of the moments from the last week

making plans for all those beads (from this)

evening walks

keeping an eye on 'the choker'

Winter beach visits

:: smalls playing/sleeping while I sipped hot sweet black tea
(Hooray for remembering the thermos)
while reading this......thanks Jane....
I do believe I even snorted mid-laugh
(perhaps more than once)

Depressingly I also picked up two large bags of plastic rubbish in a very small radius. From the rubbish I collected I believe the main littering offender only eats food from snack sized individually wrapped portions and smokes (smokes a lot!)

setting the smalls up outside to play with wheat (eventually mixed with sand & water of course)

& sprouting some for the chickens who are back laying eggs for us

identifying the culprit behind the mystery-objects-in-the-bath-tub-saga (this time it was the not so mysterious towels & the bath was unfortunately full)

and some quick (and rather slap-dash) hack & sew,
the before.....well almost

the after....it may fit her in another 2 years!

There was also

:: catching up with an old friend/flatmate & her children (for chatting over cups of tea)
:: a whole day of rain (for a very thirsty garden)
:: one early morning walk (I need more of these, difficult for a natural night-owl)

And one whole day of the weekend still to go......life feels good with Spring just around the corner.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Granny Square sewing

Can't crochet? Can't be bothered to crochet?

Fabric to be sewn up into some spring clothing (it was Spring yesterday, it's winter today).
Granny square print fabric from Spoonflower.

The requests from my girl are coming thick & fast!

Despite it looking like I'm increasing the fabric collection I'm actually having a major clear out & am busy decluttering. Currently it appears that I'm just creating a bigger mess as everything is pulled from cupboards & sorted into piles (& piles & piles) but bags have been dropped to the op shop, bundles have been sold off on ebay, parcels have been posted, & the keeping piles are being repacked. It is not often I feel this ruthless so I'm taking advantage of the situation.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Creative Space - timber

Given that I never seem to have enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to, I should try reducing the number of project ideas swirling around in my head. Instead I've been letting them multiply, go figure.

The most regular conversation topic at the moment is SCHOOL (where will the 4 year old be next year - another post altogether). I've been reading a lot of education philosophy books lately (with the library fines to prove it). Currently I have a crush on Maria Montessori. Unfortunately there is no Montessori school in Hobart. If you are a Montessori teacher & fancy living in Hobart, you would make a killing as every second parent wishes there was a Montessori school here. So instead I've been trying to work out which Montessori equipment we could buy, borrow or make. The toy library are not so keen on buying any Montessori equipment which is a shame as I think that would be the natural place for it. So I've a little list of things I'm looking to make.

This spindle box is the first completed project. I had a local craftsman make the box (from some recycled King Billy window frames) and I made the rods (which really was just cutting & sanding....all 45 of them!)

Max has really been getting into this as counting is a current favourite pursuit. You can read more about using a spindle box here. So continuing on the theme of numbers I got these pieces of timber to make some number rods (just more cutting & sanding really).

The only problem with Montessori is the call for order & neatness in children's surroundings. I'm all for that to, especially if it's not me creating all that order & neatness. The smalls do respond better when we are in a good rhythm & things are fairly ordered (so do I, who doesn't?), the problem is maintaining order, neatness and calm. So its a kind of, sort of, vague aim (with a large dollop of reality).

I'd love to have more time to make wooden toys/equipment but there are a whole bunch of things that I can see are just going to be made out of cardboard & large quantities of sticky tape, which is better suited to my woodworking abilities anyway. Anyway I better go find that blunt saw & get started.

More creative spaces over this way.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

These days.....

.....just seem to slip by in a haze of

crazy kid conversations


minor plot-losing



There have been other things in amongst the life-maintenance jobs that seem to take up so much time lately including

sewing pants for Leo & then realizing they are too small
& then realizing they fit Adelaide
& that she loves them
:: despite her running commentary this morning in the supermarket about all the' lovely pink things' she spied

picking cumquats from our overladen little tree :: just need to marmalade them now (any day now)

supervising crafty pursuits that rapidly descend into tears with a standing-super-reaching baby brother around. Noticing that crafting small has incorporated found cornflakes into collage :: an insight into my housekeeping standards

Completing rather unglamourous sewing projects :: waterproof mattress protectors using this tutorial from the blog with loads of inspiration Hazelnuts.

Finally finding one of these at the op shop

soon converted into wooden beads galore

I see many a new wooden bead necklace coming my way.


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