Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Right now :: Apples

Apples harvested from a generous neighbours tree ( the hard part is picking apples whilst entertaining 3 smalls after their enthusiasm for picking has worn....5 minutes into the excursion)

peeling (with the aid of a clamp as the suction piece on the bottom worked for about 3 minutes)

peels for smalls + chooks + compost

Apples for juicing, drying, baking, yet more applesauce & fruit leather

Dried apples for storage when the fresh supply runs out

fruit leather made from apple sauce & various other bits & pieces from the freezer/fruit bowl. This lot contains applesauce, zucchini and plums I stewed & froze in summer

I've not entirely forgotten about the quinces
their day will come, hopefully soon before the rot sets in

Saturday, May 14, 2011

kcw - the comfy pants

So the second kido has received his 'kids-clothes-week' pants (I've dropped the challenge bit as I have enough of those already) . I haven't got around to sewing up the orange cords (from my previous post) yet as I look for some fabric for the pockets - laughable really given the piles of fabric littering our house!

But I did manage to finish off another of the up-cycled pants I planned for Max. These were made from a pair of old grandpa (or grandma) pants that I found on the 50 cent rack at our local op-shop. The pockets were some I had unpicked a while ago from a linen skirt (another project) and the waistband was some lovely soft linen from yet another cut-up old skirt.

I wanted these lined for real winter pants so Max selected this thin black fleece because it was so 'comfy' and soft. I basically just cut out the same pants pattern minus the side seam (I overlapped the pattern pieces along the side to take account of the seam allowances). Then I just overlocked them up & trimmed them at the waist & hem so they would fit into the pants waistband & hem.......this picture may explain what I'm talking about.

Max is pleased and suddenly looking all lanky & long. He did suggest I make the pockets out of fleece next time, which is not a bad idea for keeping mitten-less hands warm. The fleece is rather forgiving & can just be stretched into place if a bit out. Given the mountain was covered in snow all day & we had a birthday party in a park all afternoon they did a great job of keeping him warm (aided by all the running/riding around).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

kcw - spotty bot pants

I finished the monkey spat pants today. Adelaide has given them a big tick and despite being worn in the sandpit all afternoon she HAD to wear them to bed tonight.....what's a bit of sand in amongst all the other things she stashes under her duvet. I'm slowly being won over to sewing with knit comes together so quickly (especially with an overlocker/serger). Just the type of sewing I need right now. These pants are a very slim fit with straight legs that work best if you add a bit more fullness around the upper legs (I forgot to on these ones). They are made from a soft brushed back stretch cotton that has plenty of stretch.

The next lot of pants will be for Max, cut from this assorted collection of Grandpa/ma pants

I've started with the rust-orange cords that I plan to line with thin fleece for really cold days.

Not sure when I'll get to sew these up but at least they are cut out & ready to go if a spare few moment appears and I need an excuse not to do another load of washing.

There is plenty of inspiration to be found over at Elsie Marley.

Autumn proper

I'm going to get in quick or I'll check back in on this blog in a few more weeks and still find it stuck in early Autumn. The broccoli, tomatoes, zucchinis and parents (from my previous post) have all gone, some are missed more than others.

Some of the quinces went to neighbours, many were turned into quince paste or jelly, some eventually made it to the compost (after lingering near the front door for far to long) and there is STILL one box waiting patiently out in the 'big fridge' (near the front door). Who knows if the remaining quinces will become paste or compost. Our apples have all been picked and are meeting a better fate than the composted quinces, there has been sauce making, juices, pies & general munching.

The rugging up has started for afternoon walks usually resulting in
fresh-faced rosy-cheeked babes!

The winter-warming recipes are being welcomed back to the dinner table with the smalls starting to eat (very mild) curries in amongst their usual fare.
The slow cooker has been pulled out of hibernation.

After a bunch of sewing for last weeks market I was glad to see Elsie Marley is hosting her kids clothes week again. I'm hoping to get a few clothes sewn up for my own smalls, the requests so far have been for 'pajama pants that don't go up my bottom' (Adelaide), 'some very soft comfy pants' (Max) and some winter pants for Leo that actually cover his ankles.

To kick things off I've cut out a pair of these for Adelaide's request.

She grew out of her last pair a long time ago and they were by far the best 'don't go in your bottom' pants she has had to date. I would say that the pattern is better suited to slim kids or make sure you have a really stretchy fabric for the chunky-kid version (or as Max recently said about Leo's chubby wrist...'he has such soft meat')


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