Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's true (according to the calender)

Leo is two today

Our wispy-haired mud-loving baby is officially a little boy

Leo decided the best method to celebrate was to wake last night about the time my waters broke 2 years ago and then fidget in our bed for the next 3 hours until finally going back to sleep about the time of his actual birth. Despite the lack of sleep we managed to all squeeze into our bed for the present unwrapping and happy-birthday singing. He now has a larger baby doll to drag around, just like the one he tries to take from Adelaide most days.

A flurry of baby-doll dressing ensued

Adelaide also selected a new drawing book for him

A little cake-eating yet to come, best get baking....

Friday, July 8, 2011

And bump makes 6

One of the reasons for less blogging of late has been the getting-ones-head-around the fact we are soon to be a family of 6. What started out as shock (yes we do know how such things happen) turned into a dawning reality of the practicalities (a new car, replacing all those baby things we had given away, going back to the joys/trials of early baby days) to the now building excitement in the house over 'the new baby'.

Max is looking forward to being old enough to look after the baby while I go out (??)*

Adelaide is looking forward to having a sister called Rosie (??)**

Leo likes to pat my expanding tummy proudly exclaiming 'bubba'
, while carrying his own bubba around most of the day

* if only!

** we don't know if it is a girl or boy and either way I can safely say Rosie is not on the list!

So the new car (can you call a van a car?) has been bought, we plot various other ventures that seem less and less likely to happen before the baby arrives, just little things like a new kitchen and putting together a mountain of IKEA cabinets that are currently filling our garage (the garage that the new car could never hope to fit into!)

Despite all the madness, or perhaps because of it, I've been attempting to simplifying life a bit and get some better rhythms in place before the real chaos begins. Some days it feels like it's working, other days I wonder aloud if the chaos could actually increase?

This post brought to you with the aid of:

:: playdough

:: a quick-eze

:: a napping little one

:: dinner in the slow-cooker

:: a pot of tea

:: the ability to overlook various piles of washing, paperwork, books, fabric, kids-crafting projects, dishes and the like

:: fresh flowers on the windowsill....somewhere for my eyes and mind to take refuge from the general chaos of the rest of the house.


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